The National Education Policy Center

Want to know more about policy making for public education? Are you eager to know more about what issues are central to public school policy making? Check out the NEPC. The National Education Policy Center produces and disseminates research to inform education policy discussions and decisions. NEPC director, Kevin G. Welner, professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder School of Education, specializes in policy and law. He and Alex Molnar founded NEPC in 2010.

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Network for Public Education 

Founded in 2013, NPE is an advocacy group whose mission is to preserve, promote, improve, and strengthen public schools for both current and future generations of students.

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Texas Senate Committee on Education:






Texas House of Representatives Public Education Committee:


Texans for Strong Public Schools:

Are you interested in ways you can show support for public education in Texas? Become familiar with Texans for Strong Public Schools.





Raise your Hand Texas:

Raise Your Hand Texas supports public school policy solutions that invest in our students, encourage innovation and autonomy, and improve college and workforce readiness.





Urban Education Justice Project:

A project devoted to understanding the work of teachers in urban schools advocating for racial equity and social justice. The project includes teachers, school workers, union officers, education activists, and university faculty who are in conversation together trying to understand the challenges and successes as these teachers organize to gain power and fight for racial equity and social justice in their schools and communities.