About Us

Education allows young people to develop opportunities for their individual lives and to achieve civic competence. Many of society’s unsolved problems, while manifested in communities and neighborhoods, can also affect schools. In the past, these issues were prominent in urban settings but are now present in an array of environments. The TCU Center for Public Education seeks to understand the complexity of public education and advocate for action at all levels of the educational process.

What we Believe

The TCU Center for Public Education (CPE) acknowledges public education as a civil and human right.  We believe that public education is essential to supporting our complex and diverse society and, as such, is an indispensable public good.

What we do

The Center for Public Education advocates for public education by informing others on issues that impact students, educators, schools, and communities. We study, support, and strive to strengthen public education by building partnerships, engaging in a variety of initiatives, and promoting research.


  • Promote and share research, theory, scholarship, practices, and new knowledge on public education in academic, professional, and community settings.
  • Offer academic expertise on public education for the purposes of advocacy, policy making, professional development, and leadership.
  • Conduct literature reviews and publish position papers on a variety of relevant topics.