About Us

The TCU Center for Public Education acknowledges education as a civil and human right, public good, and both a process and a goal. Through education young people develop opportunities for their individual lives and develop civic competence. Many of society’s unsolved problems (poverty, disenfranchisement, discrimination) manifest themselves in public schools. In the past these issues were most present in urban school settings but are now also present in suburban and rural areas. TCU Center for Public Education seeks to understand the complexity of public education at the system level and build connections with individual schools.


Robust, outstanding, and equitable public education that enables active democratic participation and empowers students with opportunities to compose individual and community lives.


An environment for innovation that seeks to understand the diversity and complexity of public education, the Center for Public Education studies, supports, and strengthens education as a public good.


To engage youth, parents, school personnel, and community members as scholars and practitioners in sustaining and improving public education.


  • To make explicit issues of public education as they intersect with class, race/ethnicity, language and learning needs.
  • To address local, state, and national issues related to public education at the levels of learning environments, policy and politics in present and historical contexts.
  • To benefit TCU, TCU students, public education and partner with schools, districts and organizations.


  • Conduct, develop, and share research, theory, scholarship, practices, and new knowledge on public education in academic, professional, and community settings.
  • Offer academic expertise on public education for the purposes of advocacy, policy making, professional development, and leadership.
  • Conduct literature reviews as well as write position and white papers.
  • Address the complexities surrounding public schools and school choice.